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12 October 2021
Version 1005 for Windows
Download Billees Business V1005

Operating system supported: Windows7SP2, Windows10 (recommended)

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of V1005, It's been 3 months since the V1004 release, but in that short time we've added a couple of interesting new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Stock query
    Scan barcode / Search a product for complete product transaction details along with current stock status and also allows to drill down till respective transaction details. (Supports all inventory product types -- Standard, Variant, Serialized, Batch-Expiry, Best Before etc.,)

  • Serialized Inventory Tracking
    This release brings you 100% Serialized unit inventory count and history tracking of each serial number.

  • Matrix / Variants
    Now, you can delete unwanted variant combinations.
    Example: In: Color : Red, Size XXL.

  • Barcode Label Printing
    a) Select any inward transaction and print Barcode labels.
    b) Printing Barcode labels right from the production entry.

  • Price Level | Price List
    You get great flexibility in applying price levels, Simply choose a price list just before invoicing to customer.

  • Purge data
    Delete unwanted transactional data permaninently from database.

  • Weighing Scale integration
    Enable weight scale option works with all inventory product types.

  • List Price and QOH.
    Display price and QOH option added to Sales settings.
    When enabled, system pops price list along with available quantity while adding a product to cart.

  • Notifications
    While invoicing to customer, system notifies if you have
    a) Prepayment balance from customer.
    b) Pending credit notes available for adjustment.

  • Clone a Product
    Quickly create a new product from a similar product.
    how to: In the product search page, hit Alt + C to clone the focused record.

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Invoice : Cart list is not scrolling properly and cursor is not visible when the cart list is long. Noticed when batch / best before inventory products are added to cart.
    -- Fixed
  • Usability issues in Image mapping screen for variant items. -- Fixed.
  • Barcode Label Printing : Printing wrong price while barcode labels are printed from Purchase transaction.
    -- Fixed.
  • Barcode Label Design: Product Shelf Life in days and Product description data attributes added.
    -- Enhancement
  • System not showing MRP list to user for rate selection, when a product contains multiple MRPs.
    -- Fixed.
  • Average cost calculating wrongly in a specific case.
    -- Fixed.
  • Service Item HSN Codes are not capturing in transactions.
    -- Fixed.
  • Customer | Supplier Statements : These statements are now formated for better usability. It also allows you to drill down to transaction details.
    -- Enhancement
  • Expense Entry : Supplier selection is now optional.
    -- Enhancement

Download Billees Business V1005

Operating system supported: Windows7SP2, Windows10 (recommended)

19 July 2021
Version 1004 for Windows

Billees Busines APP - Billees Online Store(mobile commerce)

Billees Business APP

07 April 2021
Version 1003

Billees Busines APP - Billees Online Store

Billees Insights APP

Billees Business APP

11 January 2021
Version 1002

Billees Online Shop
We are excited to introduce built-in Online Shop platform for your business.

Covid-19 is affecting businesses globally. It is utmost important than ever to have a multi-channel business strategy. Let's prepare for the resurgence with Billees-Business.

Hybrid: digital-physical seamless experiences will be the future
We are bridging this gap by introducing one box solution to manage in-store operations using full featured (Invoicing, Inventory, Accounting and Taxation) beautifully designed cloud enabled Windows APP. With no other efforts seamlessly sell online through your own online shop (Billees Online Store Platform)

Works for any size of business. Whether you run single store (or) chain of stores.

24 July 2020
Version 1001

We are delighted to announce The all-in-one software platform to start, run, and grow a business.
We are bringing one platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere, in person with Billees Business and online through Billees Online Shop.